The Unlearning Journey

This is for you if you truly aim to challenge & transform yourself.

Your personal transformation is a means that serves a higher purpose.The Unlearning Journey is a space for you to connect to this purpose - and to start acknowledging and unlearning those patterns that keep you from living it fully.  

The Unlearning Journey is an amplifier and catalyser for your personal transformation. It is a space for you to confront fundamental questions of unlearning, and to crystallise fundamental answers.

At the end of your Journey, you will have

  • gained better access to your core self

  • identified, acknowledged and started to unlearn patterns that keep you from unfolding your core

  • improved your understanding of your contribution to the greater whole

  • consolidated a sense of purpose, direction and orientation

  • connected to a high-intensity, international group of fellow Unlearners

A transformative exploration into your core self: Nine weeks of learning and unlearning

The Process

Your Unlearning Journey will last nine weeks and consists of three modules: the Retreat, the Pod, and the Gatherings. Taken together, you will have an intense, integral (un-)learning experience. Learn more about each module below.

Module 1: Week 1
A week-long immersion,  live (6 days) or online (5 days)

Your Unlearning Journey starts with a week-long immersion.

During the retreat, you deep-dive into fundamental questions regarding your own journey of unlearning. You explore your core and set the intention for the Pod Process after the retreat. And you intimately connect to your fellow Unlearners.

Depending on your time and budget, you can choose between a live retreat in beautiful Mallorca – or a virtual retreat week via Zoom.  

Module 2: Week 2-9
Unlearning Pod
Self-organised, virtual (un)learning
(8 weeks, appr. 1 hr/day)

The Unlearning Pod steadies and deepens your Unlearning experience.

For eight precious weeks, you will receive daily impulses for further reflection, dialogue, and experiental learning. Beyond your individual work, you will be in a co-creative dialogue with a small group you met during the Retreat week.

The Pod experience is self-organised. You commit to contributing 1 hour per day / 5 days a week.

Module 3: Week 2-9
The Virtual
Meetings during the Pod phase
(Bi-weekly, 3-4 hrs/call)

During the Unlearning Pod, you will meet with your fellow Unlearners and your hosts. Every two weeks, to harvest and reflect your experience.

These facilitated calls are integral part of the overall Unlearning experience. They anchor you to the process and root you in the context of your everyday life.

All in all, there will be five Gatherings via Zoom, on the weekends, between 3-4 hours each.

Your Journey

The Mallorca Journey
  • Retreat week: 13.-19.3.2022
  • Pod: 21.3.-20.5.2022 (+1 week due to Easter holidays)
  • Gatherings: 2.4., 23.4., 7.5., 21.5.
  • Invest: Corporate: €5900 +VAT; Private: €4500 + VAT. Early Bird: Book before December 15 and get €250 off!

Nine weeks of Unlearning - with a Live Retreat at the wonderful S’Olivaret in Mallorca. What is included:

  • The entire Unlearning Journey: 1 retreat week, 8 Pod weeks, 5 facilitated calls
  • 6 nights at S’Olivaret (4* Superior): arrival October 17, departure October 23
  • Full board during the Retreat (except alcoholic beverages)
  • Airport transfer from Palma Airport to S’Olivaret
More Details

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The Virtual Journey
  • Retreat week: 14.-18.2.2022
  • Pod: 19.2.-22.4.2022 (one extra week due to Easter holidays)
  • Gatherings: 26.2., 12.3., 26.3., 9.4., 23.4.
  • Invest: Corporate: €2590 + VAT; Private: €1750 + VAT. Early Bird: Book before December 1 and get €150 off!

Nine weeks of Unlearning - with a virtual retreat immersion. What is included: 

  • The full retreat week with Hanno Burmester and Katrien Franken
  • Eight Pod weeks, including daily prompts (5 days/week)
  • Five facilitated online gatherings
  • Access to the learning and collaboration platform

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Your Hosts

Hanno is curator and host of the Unlearning Journey. He initiated the Journey with the intention to offer a safe yet challenging space for transformative learning.

Over the past decade, Hanno has facilitated hundreds of workshops and seminars. He is author of three books and frequent speaker at international conferences. You can learn more about his work here.

Katrien is co-host of the Unlearning Journey. She integrates breathwork and inner work into the Journey's (un-)learning process.

Katrien is Founder of the Open Up Institute. She creates brave spaces for people to open up and work on their inner growth and wellbeing for themselves, each other and the world, and challenges and supports individual transformation and cultural change.

This is for you if you truly aim to challenge & transform yourself. If you decide to participate, you commit to around 100 hours of experiencing, sensing, learning, self-reflection and conversation.

We are looking forward to having you!